Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mask of Restrict

Work Well vs..
Declarer Prophecy aka Dawn of the Herald
Dual Spark
Icarus Attack
Six Samurai (soon)
Naturia Bambooshoot

While I am researching on Light Beat, I realize Mask of Restrict can slow Light Beat down, ALOT..
Having Mask of Restrict on field ensure Light Beat has 4-6 dead draw.
Due to the fact that they usually run 3 Cyber Dragon + 3 Dual Spark.
Why Cyber Dragon become a dead draw u asked?

Cause when you turn on Mask of Restrict, you somehow turned on STALL MODE.
Mean that you will be waiting for your key cards to give opponent a heavy kick.
Stall mode = you pretty much won't get rid of his monsters.
And in that case, your opponent is not able to summon his Cyber Dragon, at all.

p.s. I not sure how this card work in other deck, but it sure works well in my Naturia deck.

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